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 Apply for Citizenship

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King Conciliatore

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PostSubject: Apply for Citizenship   Mon Mar 12, 2012 1:07 pm

Answer these questions and then I will review them. PLEASE NOTE: It will 12-24 hours to summit your app.
1. What is your nation name:
2. What is your ruler's name?
3. What is your nation I.D?( Go to view my nation. Then copy and paste that URL here.)
4. Current nation color:
5. Where your in any other Alliances?
6. If you were, did you resign?
7. Who recruited you?
8. Creation date of your nation:
9. Why do you what to want to be in this alliance?

Los Santos will get back to your. Only King Conciliatore and Admin can accept your app. Please wait. Thank you.
Let your nation be longlived and forever.
King Conciliatore.
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Apply for Citizenship
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